Trump Blames Judge For His Own Incompetence


The U.S. Constitution calls for separation of power among the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the Federal government, but if the founders had grown up riding school buses to their one-room school houses, they’d never had encouraged one branch to throw another under it.

Trump did just that in his recent tweet:

There is so much wrong with this peevish and juvenile proclamation that a bit of a Twitter-topsy is in order.

First, the president represents the united part of the United States to the rest of the world, and Trump has proven once again that he is not that person by revealing the deep divisions – caused by him – inside the top echelons of leadership. Harry Truman, the 33rd real President, sported this sign on his desk:

With Trump, the sign would read this:

Second, although a healthy tension among the three pillars of Federal authority is good, ultimately the triumvirate should pull in the same general direction. The problem is that Trump has only one oar in the water (you guessed it: the alt-right one). Where have we seen the subversion of the judicial branch before? Hint: unsaleable art was involved (see what the judicial branch became under Trump’s mentor.)

Finally, with his denigration of the Bush-appointed Judge James L. Robart, who, in connection with Trump’s illegal Muslim travel ban, told the baby-man a word that he apparently seldom hears: “NO!” Good on you, Judge Jimmie, even though you have probably just put in motion a resume-producing event.

So what’s the ruckus? By pre-assigning blame to Judge Robart for the next extreme Muslin terrorist attack on U.S. soil – whether the perpetrators entered before or after the announcement of the ban – Trump does what he does best: pass the buck, which was probably borrowed and defaulted on anyway.

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