Fox News Mocked For Trump Working Weekend ‘Alert’ While He Was Golfing (VIDEO)


Our friends at Fox scooped the lying mainstream media yesterday and tweeted this:

The Twittersphere responded with some good-natured feedback.

Thank goodness White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been on the job, assuring the nation a week ago that the Hacker in Chief is spending Federal tax dollars responsibly.


This appears to be Trump’s 13th golf – er, outdoor meeting – trip in his first 66 days since taking possession of the White House. Despite repeatedly criticizing his predecessor, Barack Obama, for golfing too much and wasting taxpayer money, Trump is on a pace to out-swing him handily. Estimates are that he’s spent 31% of his time in office so far on vacationing, which invariably included golf-related activities.

Even stalwart supporters like Newt Gingrich are critical:

Wait, that’s from 2013, so Newt must have been targeting Obama. Scratch that.

In any case, Trump deserves some credit for saving taxpayers $3 million for staying in town rather than flying half of the Secret Service to Mar-a-Lago, again on the taxpayers’ dime. After all, the temperature in D.C. reached a balmy 75 degrees, while it was 78 at Mar-a-Lago.

Although reportedly Trump keeps his TV tuned in on Fox ‘News’ 24/7, he must have at least glanced at the Weather Channel last week between failed RyanCare meetings. Winning!

Featured image via screen capture.

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