Hawaii Republican Resigns From Party Over Trump, Joins Democrats (VIDEO)


Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R-HA) resigned from the GOP while under pressure for her to step down as Hawaii’s House Minority Leader because of criticizing Trump.


She also took to Twitter:

Ms. Fukomoto has been vocal in her opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban, which she likens to the internment of Japanese Americans, including her grandparents after the US reluctantly entered WWII. In her resignation letter, she says this:

A little over a year ago, I was in Washington, D.C. with a group of Republican friends talking about my concerns with Donald Trump’s candidacy and, more specifically, his suggestion about a Muslim registry. They told me it was just rhetoric. I reminded them that a registry was only one step away from internment camps.

Ms. Fukomoto also had the gall not only to attend but also speak at the 2017 Hawaii Women’s March.

Watch her speech:

She sums up the effect of this in her letter:

Within 24 hours, calls for my resignation or censure abounded. My caucus told me that they would remove me from leadership unless I promised to not criticize the president for the remainder of his term. That was a promise I simply could not make.

Ms. Fukumoto’s outspokenness is not the only knock against her from a GOP perspective. She’s also young (33), female, and a minority.

In addition to this, how do we know she’s a native Hawaiian and not a closet Muslim from, say, Indonesia or – shudder – Kenya? With any luck, Trump’s camp will mount another birther campaign to put this reprobate out of the running for U.S. President after she comes of age.

Barack Obama must indeed be proud of his fellow Hawaiian-and-not-Kenyan native. So should anyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, because Ms. Fukumoto represents what it means to be a free American.

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