Trump Claimed Aircraft Carrier Was Sent To North Korea, Pictures Prove That Was A Lie


Donald Trump has been trying to start wars all over the world to prove how big his penis military is. After bombing Syria, Trump decided to follow up by announcing that he was sending an aircraft carrier to North Korea, only trouble is, pictures prove that the strike group in question was nowhere near where Trump claimed it was.

Trump said that the Navy’s Carl Vinson Strike Group would be skipping scheduled a trip to Australia and sailing to North Korea in an effort to put Kim Jong Un in his place by proving that Trump was far crazier than he could ever hope to be. In a White House press briefing last week, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the move was supposed to be a deterrent (as opposed to a dare).

A carrier group is several things. The forward deployment is deterrence, presence. It’s prudent. But it does a lot of things. It ensures our — we have the strategic capabilities, and it gives the president options in the region.

But I think when you see a carrier group steaming into an area like that, the forward presence of that is clearly, through almost every instance, a huge deterrence. So I think it serves multiple capabilities.

However, like most things Trump says, this has turned out to be another steaming pile of bullsh*t. The Hill reports that the New York Times published an article on Tuesday revealing that “the Navy posted a picture taken April 15 showing the strike force in the Sunda Strait, an area off the coast of Indonesia and thousands of miles from North Korea.”


The administration’s excuse is that there was a “glitch-ridden sequence of events … [that] perpetuated the false narrative that an American armada was racing toward the waters off North Korea.” Sure. That sounds totally legit.

According to the Department of Defense, the Carl Vinson really is on it’s way to North Korea now and should get there sometime next week. For real this time.

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