Trump’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time High (If You Look At It Upside-Down)


The new Pew Research numbers are in.

Things are looking great for Donald Trump! If his goal is to be the most hated President in history, I mean. In what has to be the biggest “DUH” ever put in a press release, polling puts Trump at 39%, a figure smaller than any first term officeholder has ever seen. You’d think he was starting wars, or trying to take away people’s health care or something!

The survey covered the standard range of topics, such as approval ratings, parties on the issues, ethics, and perceptions. Pew noted a much larger partisan gap between supporters of the Mustard Megalomaniac, though. Just 7% of self-identified Democrats approved of his performance so far, compared to a whopping 82% of Republicans. By contrast, at this point in Obama’s presidency, four times as many Republicans approved of him as Democrats who approve of Trump now. I believe Republicans are now legally required to refrain from ever using the word “intellectual” without following up with a hearty laugh.

And how about the GOP in general?

The picture was even more bleak for poor Paul Ryan. Democrats hate him because he’s a jerk and Republicans hate him because he’s not enough of a jerk. His approval rating was a dismal 29%, although that still put him slightly above “Dog The Bounty Hunter”:

Sorry, wrong poll.

The GOP looks like they’re taking most of the blame for how gosh-darn awful things are right now. People expressed their fears that America is now at a geopolitical disadvantage. They also had a clear view of Congress and Trump being unable to work together to produce anything meaningful.

It was Trump that really dominated the polling, however. Huge majorities of blacks, Hispanics, women, people with advanced degrees, people with not-so-advanced degrees, people with pets named “Oliver,” and the entire delegation of people with their heads on the outside of their rectums all disapproved of Trump’s performance so far. In fact, you’d have to go back 6 terms to find approval even among a president’s own party as low as Trump has right now.

How will things look for Trump as the midterms approach? Let’s just say he’d better hope for a massive outbreak of cranial-rectal reversal syndrome.

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