White House Official: Trump’s Dumb Tweets About Syria Before He Was President Don’t Count


Speaking to notorious right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham on Friday, White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka told her that it would be unfair to compare Donald Trump’s old tweets about Syria to his current actions in the war-torn Arab republic.

You may have great ideas about what it means to be a parent, but you have no idea what it means to bear the responsibility once you have children. This is the same situation.

It was no surprise that Gorka would appear on Ingraham’s show; she is a serial liar, and is thus a reliable media personality for an administration that relies on distortions, half-truths, and pure fiction to distract Americans from issues that might outrage them. What was a surprise was that Gorka had the solid brass testicles needed to argue that learning to be a parent is the same as learning to be the President.

Beginning at the end of August 2013, Trump sent a series of tweets criticizing (and hilariously attempting to advise) President Obama during a swell in Syrian violence at the time:

These first three are particularly galling, considering the advance warning the White House sent out about Thursday’s attack, allowing the Syrians to evacuate soldiers and aircraft from the field before they were destroyed.

Trump, of course, did not get or seek congressional approval before launching Thursday’s airstrike. Obama did take the issue to Congress, and was met with such resistance that he elected not to go ahead with his plan to attack Syria.

The fact that these tweets have not been deleted speak to the idea that the White House will be relying on Gorka’s angle — that yes, he did send the tweets, but that he shouldn’t be held accountable because he wasn’t president at the time.

What one says as a businessman…or what one says on the campaign trail…is incredibly different to the perspective you may have after you take on the mantle of the commander-in-chief, and you are the person responsible for the safety of all Americans. That’s what experience tells us, and to judge based on statements they made when they were not in that position of responsibility [is unfair].

This only heightens the irony of the White House position, since Trump campaigned for the presidency on the very idea of running America like a business:

To really drive that irony home, in order to distance himself from previous statements about Syria, Trump must somehow crawl away from this campaign speech:

Was he still learning how to be a president 5 days before the election? Because that’s as terrifying as the complete 180° he’s done on the war in Syria.

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