Bernie At Town Hall: ‘I’m Not A Psychiatrist, But There’s Something Strange Going On With Mr. Trump’ (VIDEO)


 Bernie Sanders and John Kasich thought they were going to have a debate.

That’s not really how it shook out, unfortunately. The CNN town hall on Tuesday evening was supposed to be about health care and U.S. policies. It turned out to be about Donald Trump and Russia. It’s hard to avoid, of course, now that there is likely proof Trump engaged in obstruction of justice, which is an impeachable offense. What else would hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash want to talk about? It’s how the show opened, and they gave both guests a minute to “respond” — whatever that means.

Bernie threw it right back at them:

The American people want us to focus on the real issues impacting them. Why 28 million people have no health insurance…[T]he middle class is in decline…[W]e have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. And here we are today, dealing with what we have to deal with.

But Sanders did eventually engage on the issue of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia to skew the 2016 election. And during the course of the night, the conversation turned to Trump’s suitability to even be in the Oval Office. We know he shouldn’t have been elected dogcatcher, let alone President. But politics being what they are, it’s just not “proper” for a Governor or a Senator to say things in such frank terms. Or is it?

Jake Tapper laid it right on the table

Do you have concerns that President Trump doesn’t have the competence to be President?

Kasich answered first, although he mostly stuck to the script. The Ohio Governor made some lame excuses about Trump simply not understanding the job right off the bat. He described a time when he told Trump something he didn’t know. Trump appeared to nod or something, so it indicated to Gov. Kasich that Trump is apparently capable of learning.

Bernie called bullshit:

I’m not a psychiatrist, and not a lawyer. But there’s something strange going on, I think, with Mr. Trump. There has never been a President, or even a candidate, who has lied all the time.

This is not a typical President. I don’t think it’s just a learning curve. I think he’s a smart guy. But something else is going on. And all of this leads me, and his affection for Putin, all of this leads me to think that you’ve got an authoritarian-type mind here. Somebody’s who’s not a great believer in dissent, or democracy. And that worries me very much.

Small wonder that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America right now. He’s saying what we’re all thinking.

Watch the clip here:

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