Pence Doubles Down On The Lie That He Didn’t Know Flynn Was A Russian Stooge


Mike Pence is doing all he can to distance himself from the scandals surrounding Donald Trump – and he is willing to tell obvious lies to do so. Case in point – his insistence that he did not know that Trump’s disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was compromised and vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Pence first made the case during an interview in March when he was discussing Flynn’s ouster. He insisted to Fox News that “hearing that story today was the first I heard of it.” He told the same lie when the public became aware that not only was Flynn a Russian stooge, but that he had also accepted payments from the Turkish government without first registering as a foreign agent. A statement from his office reads:

“The Vice President stands by his comments in March upon first hearing the news regarding General Flynn’s ties to Turkey and fully supports the President’s decision to ask for General Flynn’s resignation.”

Considering that Pence actually ran the Trump transition team, this means that his knowledge of what is perhaps one of the most important White House positions was deliberately stonewalled by others in the transition – perhaps people that Trump trusts far more than he trusts Pence. Or, more likely, it means that he told bold faced lies about what he knew and when he knew it.

The bottom line is this: Something doesn’t add up here. Granted, it was Pence who got Flynn’s son off of the transition team due to his spreading conspiracy theories on the internet, but that still doesn’t warrant his not knowing something this important about a senior incoming White House official. This is nothing more than an attempt for Pence to distance himself from the corruption and dirty foreign dealings that will continue to haunt Michael Flynn – and, by proxy, Donald Trump.

Nothing doing, Pence. You made a deal with the devil, you abase yourself on a regular basis to cover Trump’s ass, and you’re in far too deep to turn back now. With any luck, when that special counsel takes Trump and his team down, you’ll go down with them.

Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube

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