POLL: Will Donald Trump Be Able To Leave On His Overseas Tour?


Maybe the star of ‘Presidential Apprentice’ should not count on making his first foreign trip. Calls for the tour to be cancelled are already being heard in op-eds and social media.

While foreign organizers are reportedly making extensive plans for Trump’s visits — including NATO, which is chucking aside its usual format for meetings of member heads of state because Donald Trump would just get bored and cranky — it’s not clear that the White House can be ready in time.

Following yesterday’s bombshell that fired FBI Director James Comey wrote a memorandum immediately after Trump requested that he stop the investigation of Michael Flynn, “officials huddled to discuss the upcoming foreign trip, with specifics still not set, and concerns that the adventure will be overshadowed by news in Washington,” POLITICO reported.

“Trump’s trip must be canceled, writes Sarah Posner in the Washington Post. “Our national security, our relationships with allies, and the security of the world are at risk due to the president’s erratic behavior and inability to adhere to basic norms of both democracy and diplomacy.”

Even for a capable president, Trump’s itinerary would represent an ambitious agenda. In Trump’s hands, though, it’s fraught with the perils of tweets, statements, misstatements, boasts or other inappropriate Trump outbursts that could trigger or intensify geopolitical and religious tensions. Beyond politics, the idea that Trump is capable of promoting even an iota of religious tolerance is almost too absurd to even address.

In short, the trip is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Making a sound argument, Posner mentions that American allies are already on tenterhooks after watching Trump blabber about an ally’s sensitive intelligence operations to Russian officials. She also worries that he will never be able to deliver the diplomatic remarks that Gen. H.R. McMaster, his national security advisor, envisions. Unable to stick to talking points, Trump can potentially start new fires all over the Middle East and Europe.

But there’s another good reason Posner doesn’t mention: who knows what kind of sensitive intelligence Donald Trump might give away in hopes of impressing his Israeli, Saudi, and European counterparts? A president this needy can do a lot of damage to American security if he tries.

Finally, it may be impossible for Donald Trump to leave the country next week if law enforcement shoes continue to drop on a daily basis. The last thing he or his staff will want to do is risk being out of the country while a series of major, negative stories (or even indictments) keeps unfolding back home — and that seems very likely at this point, what with multiple criminal investigations and grand juries going on.

In fact, it might not be a good idea to let the alleged president leave American jurisdiction. What if he asks Vladimir Putin for asylum? Though some people think that would be just fine.

So here’s a poll. Tell us what you think!

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