Trump’s Downfall, Part II: The James Comey Memo (VIDEO)


The first Trump Downfall video can be seen here.

As I said on Monday, if Donald Trump is going down for his Russian influence scandal, this will be the critical week that major shoes drop. And indeed, they are falling daily like kinetic airstrikes on a shell-shocked White House staff. The alleged president is reenacting Hitler’s final hours in the Führerbunker, and I’m not the only one saying so.

“This isn’t a White House turning the corner or getting its bearings in Washington,” Republican strategist Rick Wilson writes at The Daily Beast. “It’s a White House engaged in daily Downfall cosplay.”

One day after the Washington Post broke the news that Baby Donald blabbed about a foreign intelligence source to Russian officials, The New York Times delivered another bombshell in the federal law enforcement bureaucracy’s shock-and-awe campaign: fired FBI Director James Comey wrote a memorandum after Trump asked him to shut down the Michael Flynn investigation.

The documentation of Mr. Trump’s request is the clearest evidence that the president has tried to directly influence the Justice Department and F.B.I. investigation into links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia. Late Tuesday, Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, demanded that the F.B.I. turn over all “memoranda, notes, summaries and recordings” of discussions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey.

Such documents, Mr. Chaffetz wrote, would “raise questions as to whether the president attempted to influence or impede” the F.B.I.

An FBI agent’s notes are admissible in court, and the details reported to be in the memo are damning. In addition to obstruction of justice, Trump asked Comey to prosecute reporters covering leaks, which adds abuse of power to the roster of potential impeachment charges. Congressional Republicans are already shifting gears, and one anonymous Trump official tells The Daily Beast: “I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely fucked.”

And that’s before we even talk about the other ongoing investigations across multiple jurisdictions. As just one example, Paul Manafort’s mysterious $3.5 million mortgage has apparently piqued the interest of New York State Attorney General Eric Schniederman. That’s exactly what former Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor predicted weeks ago.

Now he says that a federal court is clearing the deck for action:

What else can one do at this point, other than cut another Downfall parody video?

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