LOL Of The Day: Dumb*ss GOP Rep DEMANDS That Special Counsel Stop Investigating Trump


Elect a clown, expect a circus.

On Friday, Republican Andy Biggs, a Congressman from Arizona, did his best to climb into the Trump clown car. In a press release posted to his office’s website, Biggs assailed Robert Mueller and the entire office of Special Counsel. Mueller, who served as both George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s FBI Director, is widely known as an impartial agent. Biggs felt differently:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller should recuse himself because the integrity of his appointment is in question due to former FBI Director James Comey’s manipulative leaks and the relationship between Mr. Comey and Mr. Mueller. Mr. Comey’s actions were rewarded by a media frenzy that backed the Administration into a nightmarish corner, leading to the appointment of his close friend, Mr. Mueller.

“Mr. Comey’s actions,” of course, were simply the act of making notes for himself documenting his interactions with Trump. Comey’s strategic release of the memos eventually led to Mueller’s appointment. But while Comey and Mueller have worked together in the past, it was Trump’s own Justice Department that appointed Mueller.

Wait, who’s biased again?

Rep Biggs complained on and on about bias in the office of Special Counsel, calling potential findings “tall tales.” Then Biggs revealed his own bias, using Trump’s own preferred phrasing:

The progress of the Trump administration during President Trump’s first five months in office have been slowed by unsourced allegations meant to sabotage his administration and derail his agenda to make this country great again.

Over time, Biggs managed to make the whole thing about Obama somehow:

This investigation should not be centered around President Trump…The spotlight instead should be squarely on the Obama administration’s failure to protect the United States of America from attempted Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Take a bow, Andy Biggs. This time they’re not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you.

Featured image via WikiMedia Commons/Andrew Simpson

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