Trump Reports MILLIONS In Profits So Far As President

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The headline seems like hyperbole, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. On Friday, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics released the financial disclosure Donald Trump filed with them (just keep that link open in another tab, so you can fact-check me as you go). It is a 98-page report, detailing Trump’s earnings from January 2016 up until now. As Quartz points out, the report shows that Trump holds over 500 positions outside his job as president. That’s a recipe for conflict of interest — but it’s definitely not the most interesting thing in the document.

Most notably, the disclosure shows the profits Trump has made from his many properties both in the U.S. and worldwide. Those profits are way up over previous years, before he was elected. What’s the difference now? All of the locations reporting increased profits are those he has visited since his election. And boy, has he visited some places.

His favorite place to visit — his “Winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago — has seen possibly the largest increase in its profits since he began visiting as president. In order to even run for office, Trump had to file financials with the FEC; his 2015 income from Mar-a-Lago was (a mere) $15 million. The 2016 FEC filing shows a profit of $29 million. Since then? $37 million. You read that right: Back when Donald was a schmuck with a golf course and a bad hairdo, his luxe manor in Florida was worth but a pittance in the cosmic sense. It’s more than doubled since then. He is at a Trump-branded property, it seems, almost every week. Did I mention he’s doubled his membership fee since he became president?

He also wrote some books and showed up here and there in movies way back in the day.

He’s still making money off that stuff? Yep. Trump raked in up to a million bucks on sales of his guide to idiocy, The Art of the Deal, since he took office. Prior to that? One tenth as much in the previous year. Politico reports that Trump’s mad acting skillz also earned him a pension from the Screen Actor’s Guild: $84,292 last year.

Now it’s your turn to act… Surprised.

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