Ann Coulter Is So F*cking Terrible, People Are Siding With An Airline In Her Latest Fiasco


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Ann Coulter hates Delta Airlines.

She hates it so much, in fact, that she keeps flying Delta just to make sure she still hates them. I mean, take a look at Ann’s Twitter way back in 2010:

Yeah, you probably saw something about her getting in a spat over her seat reassignment on Saturday. We’ll get to that, I promise, but first, check out this tweet from 2013:

A normal person might consider using a different airline, but Ann’s full of second chances. She even wants to write songs about Delta, as recently as 2014!

Almost a year later, she was still incredulous at Delta’s wild and crazy antics — but she kept going back:

Maybe this year was going to be different, though. She kind of almost sided with another airline in their debacle with dragging a passenger off one of their flights — in her own way, of course:

But then Saturday happened.

Honestly, we’re not sure how Ann survived. It seems Delta suffered some sort of emergency that caused them to bump her from the specific seat she’d booked and into another, identical seat a few inches away. After the plane’s cabin was cleared of the vapors all this caused, she went straight back to her favorite social media outlet:

Can you believe that family who was sitting exactly where the flight crew had directed them to sit had the unmitigated gall to give Ann a look like that, as she snapped their picture and uploaded it to her completely insane 1.6 million Twitter followers? The nerve of some people!

The tweet wasn’t in real time, though — Delta had heartlessly disabled their onboard WiFi just to thwart poor Ann:

All I’m saying here is:

If I was Ann Coulter, I would make sure that I complained at least until I got the $30 extra I paid for the seat I meticulously researched.

Oh, wait:

Featured image via flickr/Gage Skidmore

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