Democratic US House Candidate Arrested Outside Sen. John Cornyn’s Office


Derrick Crowe, a progressive candidate for Texas’s 21st District seat in the US House of Representatives, was among seven protesters arrested for blocking the entrance to Sen. John Cornyn’s office today.

“Demonstrators waved signs, led chants and blocked the sidewalk in opposition to the Senate GOP plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, which would slash coverage for many and the taxes that help pay for it,” the Austin American-Statesman reported.

A coalition of local groups targeted Cornyn because he is a key sponsor of the unpopular Senate health care bill. Mr. Crowe was among a small group that chose to make an even bigger statement against the legislation.

“At about 12:20 p.m., a handful of us blocked the sidewalk,” Crowe explains in a post at Daily Kos. The act of civil disobedience was “a line in the sand against the attack on our families represented by this bill. Blocking pedestrian traffic resulted in our arrest.”

He writes:

No one arrested the senator, though, whose office 15 floors above us has been dedicated recently to passing a bill to let thousands and thousands of us die each year.

Republicans want to kick 22 million people off of health care and let almost 100,000 people die per year due to lack of care. That’s a horrific attack on the sick and injured.

About 84,000 Texans living in the 21st District lack health insurance. According to the Center for American Progress, which relied on findings from the Congressional Budget Office, Republicans are ready to add another 54,000 citizens to that figure.

Crowe has set out to stop them. He warns that because “Cornyn and Smith act on behalf of very wealthy interests, I also want to address the corporate bosses, monopolists, and economic royalists directly: You’ve just picked the fight of your lives.”

You can have your yachts. You can have your mansions. You can have your big companies and your big bank accounts. But you can’t have our neighbors, and you can’t have our lives. We will fight to save our families and neighbors. We’re going to beat you.

And then we’ll pass Medicare for All.

A self-described “science nerd,” Mr. Crowe is running against Republican Lamar Smith, who is perhaps the most noxious climate change denier in the House.

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