Donald Humblebrags His ‘A+ Grade’ From Lou Dobbs, Twitter Thinks It ‘Must Be From Trump U’


I guess Donald Trump must be catching up on all that news he hasn’t been watching. Nestled in among a few other truly crazy tweets on Sunday was a gem aimed squarely at racist right-wing blowhard Lou Dobbs. Apparently Donald just caught Lou’s show from Thursday evening, because he thanked Dobbs for giving him a “grade” of A+ on his first six months’ performance.

Let’s see if we can parse the meaning of this word salad:

  • “S.C.” must indicate the appointment of new Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch — Trump can’t stop talking about the one thing he’s done that hasn’t been torn apart
  • “reg cutting” is a nod to the ongoing Trump effort to erase any semblance of rules for corporations
  • “Stock M” is clearly the growth of the stock market, which Barack Obama oversaw the largest-ever expansion of and continues regardless of Trump’s disastrous policies
  • “jobs” = Again, thanks, Obama
  • “border” refers to that place where there’s still not a transparent, 30-foot high wall that Mexico still hasn’t paid for

So, yep! Still crazy. But Lou Dobbs is just as crazy as Donald Trump, and his nice long segment on how wonderful everything is touched Trump in a way that only crazy-to-crazy contact can. Twitter is still laughing as we speak:

And somebody get these two a medal for pointing out we all have better things to do:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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