Donald Trump Is A Pig To The French First Lady Right In Front Of Melania (VIDEO)


The star of ‘Presidential Apprentice’ is visiting France to meet with newly-elected president Emmanuel Macron today. But the man who admitted to sexual assault on an Access Hollywood recording got physical and creepy when he met Brigitte Macron.

Upon eyeing the French first lady, the porcine Donald Trump threw his weight into their handshake and grabbed her left arm with his right hand — just to make sure she got the message that he’s an alpha male.

Then, as their tour of the museums at Les Invalides ended, Trump commented on Ms. Macron’s physique — with his own First Lady standing at her side.

“You know, you’re in such good shape,” Trump remarked at Les Invalides. “Beautiful,” he then noted to Mr. Macron. Dressed in a blue tie and his usual ill-fitting suit, Trump’s rancid corpulence was a severe contrast to all three other people involved in the exchange.

Ever the gentleman, Mr. Macron greeted the First Lady of the United States with both hands and a polite cheek-smooch after a ride in the Secret Service armored limousine. He did not comment on Melania’s body.

President Macron led the visitors through Les Invalides, explaining the art and heroic tombs in studied English as his staff streamed video to the French government’s official Facebook account.

During a joint press conference an hour later, Trump indicated that he might possibly reverse his decision to leave the Paris climate accord, but he might not, and “that will be OK too.” He also defended his oldest son for meeting with a Kremlin hand during the campaign, a disclosure that has shocked Washington.

According to ABC News, Trump called Donald Jr. “a wonderful young man” and insisted that “nothing happened” at their secret meeting with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort in June 2016.

“Most people would have taken that meeting,” he argued, contradicting all the legal experts who say that Don Jr. is in genuine legal jeopardy as a result of the email chain he released on Monday in which the meeting was arranged.

As this story goes to press, reports say that the Macrons and Trumps are having “a dinner among friends” in the Jules Verne restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower. When it was built, la Tour Eiffel was the tallest steel erection on the planet. No doubt the elder Donald thinks of himself the same way.

Here is a video of the Trumps departing Les Invalides. Watch:

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