‘The Universe Is Punking Us’: The Internet Loses It After ‘Tropical Storm Don’ Forms In The Atlantic


It’s been one of those years. A former reality show star is sitting in the White House dismantling everything good in this country just to spite his predecessor. Donald Trump is plagued with scandals and the country seems to be sinking into an abyss while his supporters cheer him on as lie after lie pours out of his mouth. So naturally, weather stations are reporting that ‘Tropical Storm Don’ has formed in the Atlantic.


In early June, the Weather Channel responded after Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The homepage featured warnings to alert others to the gravity of climate change. “So, what happens to Earth now?” one article read. “Still don’t care? Proof you should,” read another. Stories were posted about collapsing ice shelves and California’s disappearing coastline.

So yeah, the weather people might be trolling Trump.

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Featured image via Twitter/screen capture. 

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