Trump Compares Chelsea Clinton To Ivanka On Twitter, Clinton Fires Back (TWEETS)

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Donald Trump received quite a bit of criticism over the weekend for allowing daughter Ivanka to take his seat at a table full of world leaders during the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Ivanka, who has no political experience, is not an elected official, and claims to want to “stay out of politics” stood in for her father while he was having meetings with other foreign dignitaries. According to a White House official speaking with CNN,

Ivanka was sitting in the back and then briefly joined the main table when the President had to step out.

Public reaction was immediate, with people on social media asking what qualified her to be there and comparing the United States to a monarchy or dictatorship—governments in which the relatives of leaders are granted a place of power based purely on genetics.


Mr. Trump was offended that anyone would take issue with his daughter holding his place, and sent out a flurry of tweets this morning defending his actions:


Was he worried someone was going to steal his spot? Pretty sure they would have saved it for him.

He then fell back on the one subject he seemingly cannot let go of—Hilary Clinton. Or Chelsea Clinton, in this case, as he claimed that had Ms. Clinton put Chelsea at the table everyone would have praised her actions:


He just does not understand what was so wrong about putting Ivanka at that table.

It’s not just that she’s your daughter, Mr. President. It is that we are a democratic republic which means we ELECT the officials we want to represent us in important matters of state. You can’t just grab the nearest person that is loyal to you and say, “I trust them, so I want them to represent the United States in my absence.” That’s not how democracy works.

Even Chelsea Clinton, who does not typically get her hands dirty with this type of thing, was so outraged by Trump’s flagrant disregard for the democratic process that she felt it necessary to fire back, replying:


It would never have occurred to them to ask her because it’s something only an insane dictator would think of as even remotely ok. And we as Americans should not stand for our right to democratic leadership being ignored in this way.

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