Trump: Everything Is Fine. ‘The White House Is Functioning Perfectly’


Everything is fine, says Donald Trump, a man whose family and administration are plagued with scandals. Even Trey Gowdy lashed out at the Trump administration over the latest Russia scandal. Trey fucking Gowdy. It’s just that bad. Donald Trump Jr. is now caught in an email scandal, copies of which he released on Twitter, showing that he was open to colluding with Russia in order to help his father win the election. Trump aides weighed in, saying, “This is sum of all fears stuff. It’s what we’ve all been dreading.” White House officials are lawyering up.

Trump is having a meltdown, even going as far as to say what Hillary Clinton ‘may’ have gotten away with, instead of addressing what Russia got away with.

“Why aren’t the same standards placed on the Democrats. Look what Hillary Clinton may have gotten away with. Disgraceful!” Trump lashed out.

This next one is important, because, apparently, Trump read a story on Politico which says that “White House aides feel blindsided by the bombshell revelations around Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer, while the president is using his relatively light schedule to watch TV and fume about the latest scandal, according to interviews with half a dozen White House officials and advisers.”

“The W.H. is functioning perfectly, focused on HealthCare, Tax Cuts/Reform & many other things,” he tweeted. “I have very little time for watching T.V.”


The former reality show star retweets Fox & Friends every day yet doesn’t watch TV. Trump unleashes mean-girl tweets after SNL is aired, or after CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post criticizes the thin-skinned alleged president but he never watches TV!

Also, too, the White House is not “functioning perfectly.” Hundreds of key executive branch positions remain vacant. White House aides reportedly feel ‘helpless’ as Don Jr’s scandal explodes. If the White House was ‘functioning perfectly’ then Trump wouldn’t need to point that out.

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