Trump Junior Wants To Fly With The Big Boys, Posts Meme Of Dad ‘Shooting Down’ CNN (VIDEO, TWEETS)


Donald Trump Jr. likes to pretend that his 5 Vietnam deferment-daddy is actually some bigger than life hero out to conquer America’s enemies.

And exactly who does he think is the enemy?

Not Russia.
Or North Korea.
Not even Iran.

In his eyes, America’s biggest foe at this point is the media, particularly CNN.

Right into the danger zone

Like his father, who retweeted a video meme of himself as a championship wrestler beating the crap out of CNN, the junior Trump spent the weekend reposting a doctored video portraying Big Daddy as Top Gun‘s “Maverick” shooting down enemy aircraft labeled “CNN.” The altered video meme was just one in a series of posts with the hashtag #CNNBlackmail.

As if Donald Trump could ever be Tom Cruise, let alone a maverick. Hell, he couldn’t even be Tom Thumb. Oh wait, short fingers. Never mind.

Like his dad, the junior Trump has been hammering U.S. media outlets since the campaign. But since the election, the media has become enemy number one. And even with its lackluster coverage of his daddy’s (cough) terrific job (cough) making America great again, CNN has become his main target.

Last week junior falsely blasted CNN over controversial, albeit false reports the network was threatening the Reddit user who created the Trump-CNN wrestling video. That video maker, by the way, also posted numerous anti-Semitic pictures. Junior didn’t seem to care about that anti-Semitism stuff. Neither did daddy. More important was the claim the video maker was just a 15-year old boy. That was a lie, like every word that comes out of the mouth (or tweet) of a Trump.

While CNN’s KFile did report that it had identified the video creator, the network countered Trump accusations and firmly denied the blackmail. It also correctly noted the video maker was an adult man, not a teen.

Junior, you can be my wingman any time

Once that media lie died down, the Trump family attack dog was forced to look for another. He thought he found one Saturday after his sister, the fashion designer, sat in for her father at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. The backlash to the substitution was intense, from world leaders to American voters. After political pundits aired their outrage on the networks, saying that the G20 was not “Take Your Daughter To Work” day, the family dog went on the Twitter attack:

There’s something missing in the Trump DNA: self-awareness. But the fact is, the pundits have been right about Donald Trump from the beginning. I believe their number one word of choice is idiot, followed closely by “incompetent” and “liar.”

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