Trump Seriously Just Posted A Fake Video Of Himself Beating The Crap Out Of CNN, You Guys


Twitter is good for a lot of things.

It’s used in schools. You can communicate when other platforms are down. It’s been instrumental in Middle Eastern uprisings. Heck, you can make fake tweets for your friends to laugh at on Facebook. Most importantly, though, Twitter is used to relay real-time information. If there’s something you want your followers to know right now, Twitter is the way to do it. So what did Donald Trump need his followers to know early on a Sunday morning?

Don’t worry, Twitter is wondering the same thing you are right now:

Once you get past the initial shock of watching the presidency turned into professional wrestling, it comes at you pretty fast: “Wait, but pro wrestling is FAKE,” you’re thinking.

Yes. Yes, it is.

The footage is from Wrestlemania 23, and the doctored video is almost too meta for words. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with America since the election. Let’s break it down:

  • Donald Trump is a 71 year-old kook.
  • There is a zero percent chance he can edit videos. Someone made this for him, and he loved it so much, he had to share it with the world…
  • But not with any credit to the person who made it, of course.
  • He’s using fake fighting to complain about something he calls fake.
  • If it was just a GIF, it might be funny, but there’s audio…
  • What’s gonna happen?!?

How do we even process this?

This is literally the President of the United States pretending to beat up the media. He is letting America know what he would like to do to the press if that pesky referee “The First Amendment” would just get out of the ring. This is the connect-with-blue-collar-voters video Trump has been waiting nearly two years for.

Twitter had some quotes for him to chew on:

The one good thing about this tweet is that it should hurry that 25th Amendment thing right along.

Featured image via video screen capture

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