Trump White House Sends Obama-Signed Welcome Letters To New American Citizens (IMAGES)


While Donald Trump has idled away his 177 days in the Oval Office tweeting, watching TV and waiting for the weekends to play golf, America is “sitting back laughing along with the rest of the world” after approximately 200 letters from the White House were sent out with a major snafu.

Syndicated St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Aisha Sultan posted on her Twitter page Friday that her British-born husband received a congratulatory letter earlier that morning at his naturalization ceremony in St. Louis from the White House. The note said it was “a message from the President of the United States.”

It was signed by Barack Obama.


“We embrace you as a new citizen of our land, and we welcome you to the American family,” read the letter.

If it had come from Trump, that embrace might’ve meant a big hug by Federal agents carrying a set of handcuffs and a deportation ticket back home.

Funny, for a man who’s trying to wipe the name of Barack Obama off the face of the earth it’s amazing Trump let these 200 Obama signatures get by him. Or, could it be that Trump doesn’t want these new American citizens?

Noting it was probably better the welcome letter came from Obama, as opposed to what such a letter from Trump might say, George Takei posted this story on his Facebook page.

After presidential elections, these welcome letters are created by the new administration for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency to distribute to newly-minted U.S. citizens.

According to USCIS spokeswoman Maria Upson, the agency still hasn’t received a welcome letter or video message from Trump regarding new U.S. citizens. Just some of those thousands of key jobs 45 has yet to fill after six long months in office.

But I can only imagine what new citizen packets from the Trump White House would look like. They’d probably include a “Bad Hombre” bumper sticker, one of those red MAGA caps made in China and a discount coupon for an Ivanka handbag.

Sultan’s post has gone viral, receiving more 176,000 likes. Several “stories” have been written about this mistake as have thousands of hilarious reactions on Twitter. Here are just a few:

I’d like to imagine this is the real reason:

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