WATCH: CNN Host Stunned When GOPer Proposes Eliminating Food Stamps To Pay For Trump’s Wall


Rep. Steve King came up with a nifty idea to pay for Donald Trump’s ego-wall along the Southern border. Obviously, King thinks that the poor can pay for it with their food stamps. King also threw women under the bus, too, to help pay for the dumb wall. He thinks the wall should be paid for with money from its food stamp budget and Planned Parenthood funding. So, if you live in my state (North Carolina), and you are a food stamp recipient, King doesn’t want you getting that whopping $121.27 per month to eat because he says you’re just sitting around getting fat. Or how about the deep red state of Mississippi, which has one of the largest amounts of food stamp recipients. Would y’all quit getting fat on that $120.03 a month, please?

The Iowa Republican told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that he wants to more than triple taxpayer dollars spent on the wall.

“Are you comfortable, congressman, with providing $1.6 billion of taxpayer money, not from Mexico, to build that wall?” Camerota asked on “New Day.”

“Absolutely, yes and more,” he said. “And I’d throw another $5 billion on the pile and I would find half a billion of that from right out of Planned Parenthood’s budget. And the rest of it could come out of food stamps and the entitlements that are being spread out for people who haven’t worked in three generations.”

“You want to take food from people who are on the lowest rung in terms of the nation’s safety net and their children, in terms of food stamps — you’re happy to take money from them in order to give the $1.6 billion for the border wall?” Camerota asked.

CNN reports:

The lawmaker said the government needs to “ratchet back down” the number of Americans on food stamps. More than 40 million Americans receive food stamps, and nearly two-thirds of them are children, elderly or disabled. The average household on food stamps had income of less than $10,000 a year.

“I wouldn’t impose anything more strict on anybody in America than what (former first lady) Michelle Obama did with her school lunch program. So, I would just say let’s limit to that,” King said.

We’re pretty sure that Mrs. Obama would not starve children.

“But we’ve seen this go from 19 million people now on the SNAP program up to 47 million people on the SNAP program,” he added. “I’m sure that all of them didn’t need it. So, we need to set this down and ratchet it back down again.”

The White House budget proposes slashing $193 billion from SNAP (food stamps) and this would largely affect Trump voters because of the top 10 places with the largest percentage of residents who use SNAP, seven voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“We built the programs because to solve the problem of malnutrition in America,” said King. “Now we have a problem of obesity. When you match up the EBT card with what the scales say on some of the folks, I think it’s worth looking at.”

“Michelle Obama looked at it. Republicans should be able to look at it too,” he added.

Ah yes, of course he brought up Mrs. Obama again.


I guess King got the memo. Mexico is not paying for the wall so he thinks poor people and children should, because, according to him, they’re all fat.

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