Jeffrey Lord Defends Trump, Says The White House Actually Is A Dump


After it was reported by and Sports Illustrated that small group of fellow golfers heard Donald Trump call the White House a “dump” while on a golf retreat, Trump cried “fake news” and denied the accusation, claiming on Twitter that he loves the White House and that it is one of the nicest homes he has ever lived in:


Weird how people keep hearing Mr. Trump say things that he claims he never actually said.

It’s almost like he just says whatever comes to mind and later lies about saying that thing. No need to lie, Mr. Trump! Your base has proven time and again that you can say whatever pops into your ignorant little head and they will still blather on about how great you are.

Take Jeffrey Lord, for example. In an opinion piece that appeared in The Hill, Mr. Lord re-asserts Trump’s claims that he never called the WH a dump, and then asks, “so what if he did?”  Lord points to the many renovations going on right now at the White House while Trump is on yet another golf retreat, and claims that if Trump did call the place a dump he may have had a valid point.

Mr. Lord goes on to cite renovations made by past presidents and first ladies that were also met with some criticism. He compares Trump calling the place a “dump” to Nancy Reagan mentioning that there were plumbing issues in the building that needed to be fixed. States Lord:

The political problem is, when the subject of doing anything about a beloved historical building that is perpetually enduring the wear and tear induced by people, the president of the moment can catch flak for it.

Nice try, Mr. Lord. The political problem that we see here is not a president who wants to make improvements to a beloved historic building, controversial though those changes may be. It is an immature imbecile showing a complete lack of respect for one of the most treasured buildings in the United States by literally calling the place a dump and whining about having to live there.

Since you are clearly such a big fan, perhaps Trump could move in with you? We are hoping to get his eviction notice out shortly.

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