WATCH: Fox Host Loses Her Sh*t, Warns Of An ‘Uprising’ If Trump Is Indicted


A Fox host warned that if there is one indictment against any of the Trumps then there will be an “uprising in this country.” And judging by some of the tweets I’ve run into lately, Trump’s cult-like following might try to comply.

Jeanine Pirro appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday to warn that if prosecutors indict even one Trump family member on criminal charges his supporters will cause an “uproar.” Conservatives are freaking out after it was revealed that special counsel Robert Mueller impaneled a new grand jury and expanded the probe to financial ties with people close to Donald Trump.

“I’m sure this is on Donald’s mind, he never stops thinking,” she said. “But at the same time, this is an agenda.”

“Here is my concern,” Pirro continued. “If they end up with an indictment against a family member, just to get at Donald Trump because they couldn’t get at him, there is going to be a real uproar, a real uprising in this country.”

“I was a prosecutor for 32 years, you can indict a ham sandwich,” she added. “The only person in that grand jury is the district attorney who is interacting all of those grand jurors on what the law is — and the body language is clear!”


About those tweets I mentioned above:
















Pirro is promoting violence in case there’s any wrongdoing found with Trump, his associates and/or family members. We’re pretty sure Mr. Mueller is not intimidated, though.

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