A farewell, of sorts

Friends, I want to thank you all for reading my work here on FreakOutNation. I want to let you know I am going into a hiatus with politics. While I haven’t decided to completely leave FON, I wanted to inform those looking for my work that my personal blog is ending. I have a post […]

Vincent Sheheen announces second bid for S.C. governor

South Carolina Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen has sent an e-mail out announcing his second bid to become the state’s governor. South Carolina is the greatest state in the union, with unlimited potential.  But let’s face it, the status quo is not working. I want what you want – a South Carolina that our families, […]

Sequestration Comes at Time of Rising Need for Housing Assistance, Will Exacerbate Homelessness

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, always quick to point out and decimate the GOP’s attack on the poor and middle class, has a 10-page study detailing the sequestration cuts and its effects on housing assistance. These cuts, which housing agencies have already begun to implement (primarily by failing to reissue vouchers to families […]

See Exactly Where Your Tax Dollars Went: National Priorities Project Releases Tax Day 2013

Analysis finds that more than a quarter of every dollar went to the military;   3.5 cents went to education Millions of Americans will file their 2012 federal income tax returns on April 15, but few know what happens to their tax dollars. That’s why National Priorities Project (NPP) has launched Tax Day 2013 — […]

Americans United Files Four Friend-Of-The-Court Briefs Defending Workers’ Access To Birth-Control Coverage

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has told federal courts now considering the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s birth-control mandate that employers do not have a religious liberty right to deny their employees access to contraceptives. Americans United said the mandate, which requires most businesses to provide workers with health insurance that includes […]

Tell Your Senators How You Feel About Their Vote on School Vouchers

On March 22nd, the Senate voted down a School Voucher Amendment. Find out if your Senator opposed vouchers in the Fiscal 2014 Senate Budget Resolution! On March 22nd, during its debate over the Fiscal 2014 Senate Budget Resolution, the Senate voted down the private school voucher amendment introduced by Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Rand Paul (R-KY). […]

Tell Your Senators: Oppose Vouchers in 2014 Budget Resolution!

Vouchers funnel taxpayer money into religious schools Tell your Senators to oppose vouchers in the Fiscal 2014 Senate Budget Resolution! The Senate is currently considering their Budget Resolution, and we expect them to consider at least one amendment that would create a private school voucher program.  After debating today, the Senate will likely begin votes […]

SCHA rolls out 'Remedy SC' petition in support of Medicaid expansion

The South Carolina Hospital Association has obtained a domain name and started a petition in order to grow public support for Medicaid expansion in the state. The website, Remedy SC, lists the petition and to whom its intended for. You can also use #acceptmesc to share it on . The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now the […]

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