Choking Human Rights in Turkey Equals Big Profits for US Tear Gas Makers

Many a bewildered American, watching world news reports of anti-American demonstrations, has asked “But.. after all we have done for them, why do they hate us?” The conservative media has the all-purpose response, “They hate us because of our freedoms, because of our greatness. Because they don’t have what we have.” This oft-repeated platitude has, […]

Fox News host Sean Hannity has lost half of his viewers since the election, Rachel Maddow still ahead

Sean Hannity’s ratings have plummeted since Barack Obama’s second victory. Nielsen ratings show that Hannity’s audience is leaving in droves; approximately half in the weeks after the election with Rachel Maddow still leading the Fox host.  NYDailyNews reports, “Bill O’Reilly — who steadfastly refuses to identify himself politically as a conservative — retained around 70% of his […]

Mike Huckabee organizing a Day of Prayer the day before Obama’s inauguration, which is also MLK day

I guess if all they have left is prayer, go for it, but unity might be the better way to go.  Before the Presidential election, Mike Huckabee tried to launch a get out the vote effort for Conservative Christians in a last ditch effort to bring in votes for Mitt Romney. And now, to confirm the depths […]

Fiscal Cliffing: GOPers push for Austerity in U.S. even though Austerity caused second recession in 4 years in Europe

While Republicans  are reportedly soul searching in an attempt to find out what could have possibly gone wrong after offering up one of the weakest candidates possible, then tossed him under the bus after they were defeated, perhaps learning from past mistakes would be the way to go. For example, Republicans do not want to […]

Mitch McConnell is so addicted to the filibuster that he just filibustered his own bill

It’s no wonder that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is so opposed to reforming the filibuster. He’s addicted to it.  McConnell just filibustered his own bill to raise the debt ceiling. McConnell, a stalwart Republican from Kentucky  was trying to prove  that Democrats don’t have the votes to weaken Congress’ authority on the debt limit, which […]

John Stossel on Fox: U.S. should emulate Singapore, no discrimination laws or minimum wage

As reported here yesterday, Republicans blocked the United Nations treaty that would have helped to protect the disabled and now today Fox’s John Stossel is on the air arguing for discriminate against the disabled.  Stoseel furthers his skewed argument stating that Singapore has no minimum wage or discrimination laws and that America should emulate them because that would […]

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