Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren excoriates House Republicans on move to gut Office of Congressional Ethics.
On Monday night, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hammered House Republicans on their sleazy move to defang the Office of Congressional Ethics. In its place, these GOP House members plan to create something called "the Office of Congressional Complaint Review." The New York Times reports the change was approved by the house Republican Conference, without any advance notice or debate. In fact,...
Holy Sh*tBalls! Did Trump actually tweet something sane??
Former CIA agent Phillip Mudd thinks it's outrageous to deny the Russians were involved.
Kellyanne Conway proves, once again, that the next administration is going to be a terrible stain on American history.
As soon as the newly-elected freshmen are sworn in today, the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives will get busy on their very highest priority: removing the independent ethics oversight agency that Democrats established in 2008. In a closed meeting last night, Republican representatives voted 119 to 74 to put the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) under the jurisdiction of the...
Reality TV star-turned-president elect Donald Trump is having a very hard time getting acts to perform at his inauguration ceremony. Now British pop singer Rebecca Ferguson, a former contestant on the ITV competition show 'The X Factor,' says she will accept his invitation as long as she gets to sing one particular song. Despite raising the $75 million that he wanted...
A certain prime minister has a serious scandal on his hands... Israeli police have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of an inquiry into corruption allegations. Ahead of their arrival at his residence, Mr Netanyahu again denied any wrongdoing. ... Investigators questioned the PM at his central Jerusalem residence for about three hours, the Jerusalem….repubhubembed{display:none;}
(Update Note: Mr. Dowd has now deleted his original tweets because transparency and accountability bitches! However, thanks to the miracle of screenshot technology I have preserved them here for posterity.) I think the word that ABC's chief political analyst is struggling not to say is "uppity". uppity (adj.) - self-important; arrogant. Because here are a couple….repubhubembed{display:none;}
Most Americans doubt that Donald Trump can handle presidential duties. One only has to peruse the president-elect's Twitter timeline to know that he's unfit for office. He's unstable so he unleashes mean-girl tweets toward anyone who offends him. According to a Gallup poll released on Monday, the majority of Americans are skeptical that Trump has the ability to handle...
Sean Spicer admitted Trump hasn't discussed a potential response.
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