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Watch: That Moment A Tea Partier Realizes He Could Lose His Obamacare If GOP Wins In 2016

Watch: That Moment A Tea Partier Realizes He Could Lose His Obamacare If GOP Wins In 2016

A Tea Partier uploaded a video on YouTube saying that he may vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because he’s afraid a Republican President will repeal Obamacare.                       Raw Story reports: James Webb, a 51-year-old YouTube celebrity who devotes his “Hot Lead” channel to […]

Obamacare Is Working: North Carolina Family Covered For Less Than A Penny A Day

Obamacare Is Working: North Carolina Family Covered For Less Than A Penny A Day

Glenn Jeter’s story shows exactly what Obamacare is supposed to do. A Raleigh, North Carolina family is spreading the word to get people signed up. According to WRAL, Jeter used to work at IBM, but he lost his job – and his employer-sponsored health insurance – two years ago. “As luck would have it, the […]

Southern states, some of the poorest, have a near-solid block against 'Obamacare' because derp

The main opposition to Obamacare comes from Southern states, including from Governors who lead some of the nation’s poorest and unhealthiest states. It’s a GOP trend. We see the same thing happening with badly needed clinics being forced by Republicans to close down in rural areas in Southern States, even in states where Planned Parenthood does […]

New ad shows 2010 Romney not agreeing with 2012 Romney on Emergency Room alternative

Mitt Romney is ObamaCare’s Daddy — after all, the Health Care Law was modeled on Romneycare, but the Republican Presidential nominee has promised repeatedly that he will strike it down if he gets elected. Romney’s solution is a far more expensive alternative. Romney claimed during a 60 Minute interview that America’s uninsured population do get treatment…in […]

Romney flip flops again: No Preexisting Conditions Guarantee Unless You’re Already Insured

More comedy from Mitt Romney, except the Republican Presidential candidate is vigorously shaking his Etch-A-Sketch with our health care – so, it’s not that funny. As reported here yesterday, Romney stated that there are some provisions in Obamacare that he supports which guarantees coverage for people with preexisting conditions. Only hours later, the candidate backpedaled. And […]

Mitt ‘I’ll repeal Obamacare on my first day in office’ Romney now wants to keep provisions of the health care law

It’s good comedy watching Mitt Romney change his mind every other day. Today is no different. In fairness to Mitt, he only changes his views on days that end with a Y. Sunday on ‘Meet the Press’ Republican Presidential candidate made his position on ObamaCare even murkier. Romney’s health care plan was the model for Obama’s signature […]

Papa John doesn’t want you to have health care, lives in 40K square foot home, 22 car garage, underpays his employees

Partisan pizza maker, John Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s, is having a public hissy fit over ObamaCare, so much so that he’s announced to the world that he is forced (forced, I tell you) to raise his prices due to the new health care law. Schnatter is raising his prices 11 cents, likely […]

GOPer Compares Birth Control Access to September 11th and Pearl Harbor

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) just compared the new regulation which requires insurers to provide women birth control without a copay to September 11th or Pearl Harbor. No, really.                   On the House floor, Kelly said:  “I know in your mind you can think of the times America […]

Romney Praises Israel’s Universal Health Care System (funded by a progressive health tax)

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to rid our country of the evils of the Affordable Care Act — the very one modeled after his own while Governor of Massachusetts. It’s no wonder that Romney didn’t want press coverage in Israel (because he can be quoted). Think Progress reports, “Mitt inadvertently praised the individual requirement and universal […]

Mitt’s first act as President will be to repeal ObamaCare (CBO reports Health Law shrinks Deficit)

Republicans have vehemently countered “Obamacare” saying it will actually raise deficits by “trillions,” and that’s exactly what Mitt Romney is campaigning on to garner support from the Republican base. Every statement out of the Republican Presidential candidate’s mouth, seems to work against him. NYT reports:  President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will shrink rather than increase the […]