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Shape Shifter Mitt Romney Decides Climate Change Is For Reals

Shape Shifter Mitt Romney Decides Climate Change Is For Reals

Mitt Romney is shaking his Etch-A-Sketch again, and decided this time to morph into an anti-poverty warrior and he’s also now saying that climate change is for realsies. It depends on which Flip Romney you ask though. In 2012 while campaigning against Obama, that particular Romney was dismissive about Democratic efforts to combat the effects of […]

Mitt Romney Wins Stupid Caveman Award

Mitt Romney Wins Stupid Caveman Award

It has been a tradition for losing presidential candidates to gracefully leave the stage after conceding defeat. The loser usually says something to the effect that “the people have spoken” and pledges his support to the winner. Willard Romney doesn…

Contrary to Mitt Romney’s claims in 2012, the Jeep plant he claimed was moving to China is booming in Ohio

In contrast to Mitt Romney’s claims during his 2012 presidential run, the Jeep plant that the GOP nominee claimed would be moving its business to China, is actually booming here in America. In a desperate attempt to swing Ohio into a more Republican state, team Romney aired an ad suggesting that Chrysler would ship jobs […]

Mitt Romney gathers top campaign advisers for reunion, or possibly another presidential run

Being handily defeated in the 2012 Republican presidential election must have been awesome fun for Mitt Romney because he has invited his debate prep advisers and senior campaign aides to his mountaintop chalet in Park City, Utah, for a weekend of skiing later this month, according to two people close to the failed GOP presidential […]

Mitt Romney sucks up to Putin, says he “outperformed our president time and time again on the world stage”

Republicans are really sucking up to Russian President Vladimir Putin lately and Mitt Romney is no exception. Romney (the guy that Obama handily defeated) told NBC, “I think Putin has outperformed our president time and time again on the world stage.” Romney (the guy who lost the presidential election) cited the examples of Syrian dictator Bashar […]

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