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Ron Paul: Black Caucus Opposes War Only Because They Want That Money For Food Stamps

Ron Paul: Black Caucus Opposes War Only Because They Want That Money For Food Stamps

Former Republican Rep. Ron Paul, the father of potential presidential candidate Rand Paul, said the Congressional Black Caucus does not support war because they want that money for food stamps, according to audio posted by Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed. “I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a […]

Ron Paul urges for 'Nullification' of Obamacare, says "Pretty soon we're just going to ignore the Feds"

While touting Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli (R-sodomy) on Monday night, Ron Paul predicted that states will soon “ignore the feds” and nullify the Affordable Care Act. And as far as predictions go, I wouldn’t place money on it. Paul said, “Jefferson obviously was a clear leader on the principle of nullification.”       […]

Meet Rand Paul's staffer who supported Lincoln's assassination, secession, calls himself the 'Southern Avenger'

Well this is terribly awkward considering Ron Paul’s dubious past. Like father, like son. A member of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s staff who helped him write one of his books is a former pro-secessionist radio commentator who wore a Confederate flag mask during public appearances, according to a news report Tuesday, Courier-Journal reports. According to […]

Rand Paul Drones On, Endorses Whackadoodle Mark Sanford

First former Texas Congressman threw his support behind Mark Sanford, and now his son, Rand Paul is endorsing the Republican Congressional candidate. That alone speaks volumes for libertarians who idolize both Ron and Rand Paul. Last Thursday Ron Paul endorsed Rep. Paul ‘Pits of Hell’ Broun’s (R-GA) Senate campaign.               […]

Why Republicans aren’t serious about less government

It’s the GOP motto… Less government. We as a people hear it all the time, in multiple uses. Government is restricting our freedom. Government is on our backs. Government has to get out of the way. Government is evil. But the funny – and insulting – thing is the Republicans touting less government all want […]

Mitt Romney tries to morph into Ron Paul, “Audit the Fed” (forgets Paul supporters don’t like him)

Mitt Romney tweeted earlier, “Ron Paul’s “Audit The Fed” bill is a reminder of his tireless efforts to promote sound money and a more transparent Federal Reserve” perhaps to distract from his own lack of transparency. In addition, the Republican candidate is attempting to gain Ron Paul supporters’ votes, at a time when Independents could […]

Mitt Romney spent $126,000 per delegate, more than Ron Paul, Santorum & Gingrich combined

A new analysis reveals that Mitt Romney outspent his Republican opponents in order to secure his nomination by spending $126,000 per delegate. Romney spent in total $76.6 million, far more than any other campaign. That total is, for example, more than the combined spending of Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.       […]

If the GOP candidates had these skills, the debates would have been far more interesting (video)

After the countless GOP debates, each one becoming more tedious while each candidate tried to out-Conservative the other, I suspect they would have fared better if they had these skills. Watch: Republicans have awkward duplicitous Mitt, Newt the serial adulterer who is comfortable enough with his past to seek the evangelical vote and Frothy the […]

Missing Person’s Report: Where is Gov Scott Walker?

It’s GOP primary time in Wisconsin, but where is Governor Scott Walker? Both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were spotted in front of pro-Walker signs, talking about how wonderful Walker is. One would think that Walker would want to bask in the spotlight and get some free media coverage to help his recall campaign, with […]