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Oklahoma State Rep Seeks to End Marriage Licenses, Because The Gays

Oklahoma State Rep Seeks to End Marriage Licenses, Because The Gays

Todd Russ, an Oklahoma State Representative, has introduced House Bill 1125, which would end marriage licenses in the state. The Representative filed the bill to specifically target same sex marriage, and according to NewsOK: The Cordell Republican says he wants to protect court clerks from having to issue licenses to same-sex couples. He doesn’t want […]

Iowa Conservatives having a hissy fit, want drastic pay cut for justices in same-sex marriage decision

A handful of House conservatives are having a hissy fit over the State’s Supreme Court decision in 2009 to strike down a ban on same-sex marriages. So, they propose cutting the Justices’ pay involved in that decision. In short, they didn’t get their way so they’re mad.  Rep. Tom Shaw, R-Laurens, said Tuesday, “It’s our responsibility […]

On Marriage Equality: Two videos and one image on how ridiculous 'marriage is for procreation' is

Since the suggestion was posed by those supporting the Defense of Marriage Act (AKA: DOMA) that marriage is solely for purposes of procreation, it left many of us scratching our heads. Here are three ways to display how crazy the right wing side of the argument appears the rest of us. Watch: My husband died […]

Willie Nelson on same-sex marriage 'I'd never marry a guy I didn't like'

With all eyes on the Supreme Court during the past two days of hearing arguments on Marriage Equality, Willie Nelson weighs in. Wednesday night, in an interview in Austin, Texas, Willie said he believes love doesn’t discriminate, “and it shouldn’t be discriminated against.” Nelson added during his interview that gay people should be as miserable […]

Rush Limbaugh comes out (see what I did there?), to admit gay marriage will be nationwide

For once Rush Limbaugh got it right saying that gay marriage is inevitable, although as usual, there were some problems in his latest rant. Somehow he does not grasp the public’s distaste for Dick Cheney, who Limbaugh claims supports gay rights.  The GOP mouthpiece also stated that a SCOTUS ruling in favor of marriage equality […]

Prop 8: Transcript on SCOTUS arguments, tweets and images of this FABULOUS and historic day

Starting Tuesday, the Supreme Court began to hear arguments on a challenge to California’s Proposition 8, a voter-passed initiative that defines marriage in California as only between a man and a woman. The supporters of the initiative seemed to argue that marriage should be upheld solely for purposes procreation, thus disregarding any reason for same […]

Freedom guy Rand Paul on DOMA, delves into a flat tax code, not equality

Arguments on the Constitutionality of Section 3, DOMA will be heard this week by the Supreme Court. Sen. Rand Paul (Tea-KY) on Sunday declined to say whether he wants DOMA invalidated though he did say part of DOMA “federalizes” the same-sex marriage issue which he believes should be left to the states, then went on to […]

Leader of GOProud: "It’s embarrassing to call yourself a Republican right now. I’m embarrassed"

The Conservatie Political Action Conference banned GOProud as an official sponsor again this year. In fact, they also banned Chris Christie, so that rather displays how far to the right they want Republicans to venture. But, even as Rob Portman comes out (see what I did there?) in support of same sex marriage today, he’s […]

It took Sen Rob Portman having a gay son to evolve; GOPers should represent all people

A friend of mine, Glen Gulliver, wrote an excellent piece on a page in regards to Senator Rob Portman, an anti-gay Senator who has voted for a Constitutional ban on same sex marriages but has since changed his position since his son has come out. In essence, Glen speaks for many of us who […]

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