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Brain Dead Woman In Texas Kept On Life Support Against Her Wishes Because She's Pregnant

Marlise Munoz died after suddenly collapsing from an apparent blood clot in her lungs. As her family – her husband and parents – came to grips with their tragic loss in intensive care, they were stunned to learn from a doctor at John Peter Smith Hospital that Marlise would not be removed from life support because […]

Gutsy Saudi Women Protest in Awesome Defiance of Law that Bans Driving for Females

More than 60 women in Saudi Arabia protested the country’s ban on women driving by taking to the wheel of their family cars and driving. For some time women have sporadically tried to oppose the ban. On Saturday, an organized protest sent a strong message that driving should be a woman’s choice. Many of the […]

Teens bused into Albuquerque, storm into museum, demand an exhibit comparing abortion to the Holocaust

Management at the museum in Albuquerque said that anti-choice protesters went into their venue, passed out leaflets and demanded the museum open an exhibit comparing abortion to the Jewish Holocaust. The disturbance was so bad that the museum had to shut down for the day. The protesters, mostly teenagers, were bussed in from around the […]

Texas: Fighting back, Women sue State Troopers for genital searches during traffic stops

    As the Texas Governor and Texas State House prove they have no respect for the rights of women, apparently there are those in the State Department of Public Safety who don’t respect them either.   Just ask Angel Dobbs and her niece, Ashley Dobbs  of Irving, Texas…… Last July (2012), Angel was on a […]

As if North Carolina couldn't get crazier – Now we have the Motorcycle Safety Act covering Abortions

    Ah, North Carolina – can your GOP get any crazier? “Abraham Lincoln Would S**t In His Grave” As reported on “The Atlanticwire” this afternoon, and RH Reality Check,  the Sharia Law bill , HB 695 “Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act.“- you know the one that made it illegal for anyone to support or […]

A Victory For Women: Administration Issues Final Decision on Contraception Coverage In Healthcare Law

Religious organizations, especially the Catholic Church, vigorously object to providing free healthcare coverage for contraceptives for women under the Affordable Care Act. Why? They believe contraception is immoral. Never mind that many of their employees are not members of their churches, or for that matter, members of any church. Only the employer’s conscience counts, not […]

Violence Against Women Now An Epidemic Says The World Health Organization

According to a World Health Organization Report just released, 35% of all women around the world are victims of sexual or physical violence. Most of these violent attacks – for fully 30% of women around the world – are experienced at the hands of a current or former partner. The report also found that 38% […]

Hillary Unchained: Hillary Clinton is on fire advocating for women's equality

Hillary Clinton is back this week, and delivered two speeches on women’s issues. Hillary’s advocacy for women is one of the many reasons most of us are hoping for a 2016 presidential run. Ms. Clinton may have hinted at a run when she stated,  “Around the world where too many women are still treated at best as […]

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